About Us

The Christian Lebanese Foundation in the World (CLFW) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization affiliated to the Maronite Foundation in the World. It was established in Washington, DC in November 2013 in order to reach out to all Lebanese in the USA and help them re-connect with their Lebanese roots. CLFW’s main objective is to preserve Lebanon’s specificity: its pluralistic society, its confessional conviviality, and its cultural diversity, through preserving the demographic balance among the different religious communities in Lebanon. For that purpose, it strives to register, through Project Roots, all Americans of Lebanese descent in the official registry of the Lebanese administration.

Supporting Celebrities (Under Construction)

Joumana Mdawar
  • Joumana Mdawar
  • Nicolas El Osta
  • Tony Kiwan
  • Tonia Khouri
  • Marcel Ghanem
  • Nemr Abou Nassar
  • Mayssa Karaa
  • Julie Taboulie

Board of Trustees

Michel Edde
  • Michel Edde
  • Neemat Frem
  • Charles Hage
  • Rose Choueiri
  • JacquesKallassi
  • Ramez Skaff

Michel Edde, Honorary President
Neemat Frem, President
Charles Hage, Vice-President
Rose Choueiri, Member
Jacques El Kallassi, Member
Ramez Skaff, Ph.D., Treasurer, Birmingham, AL

Anthony Asher
  • Anthony Asher
  • Dr. George Ayoub
  • George Kadifa
  • Salim Sessine
  • Edward Salem
  • Dr. Philip Salem- Honorary Member

New Members of the Board of Trustees: (Joined in May 2015)

Anthony J. Asher, Cleveland, OH

George R. Ayoub, D.D.S., Phoenix, AZ

George H. BuAbbud, Ph.D., Boston, MA
Abdo George Kadifa, Palo Alto, CA

Salim M. Sessine, P.E., Detroit, MI

Philippe Ziade, Las Vegas, NV

Edward M. Salem, Honorary Member, Los Angeles, CA

Philip A. Salem, M.D., Honorary Member, Houston, TX

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Support Committees

CLFW's Projects:

- Registration in Lebanon

Objective: Help all Americans of Lebanese descent, free of charge, to register in Lebanon and obtain their Lebanese citizenship in order to maintain the confessional and cultural diversity in the country
(Endeavor of CLFW, the Maronite Eparchies -- Project Roots, and all the other Lebanese Churches in the USA).

- Educational Trips to Lebanon
Objective: Improve the image of Lebanon in the youth of Lebanese immigrants' minds in order to incite pride in their Lebanese roots, encourage them to register in Lebanon, and motivate them to encourage their friends and relatives to register.